Treat Your Trees Well

Look into professional tree services in Rockford or Belvidere, IL

When trees are kept healthy and strong, they're great additions to your landscape. When they become weak, overgrown or damaged, you might need to trim or remove them. Smetters Tree Service is a reputable tree company based in Rockford, IL.

We have over 15 years of experience in tree trimming and removal. Plus, we offer stump grinding so that you won't be stuck with unsightly stumps after removals. Our goal is to complete each job with care and ensure your satisfaction.

Equipped for success

Tree services aren't something you can do at home. It takes a team of well-equipped professionals to remove limbs and branches without causing an accident. We have the tools needed to handle your tree removal or trimming project. That includes:

  • Bucket trucks
  • Backyard lifts
  • Logging trucks
  • Bobcats

Plus, we have professional tree climbers on our team who can handle any situation safely and efficiently. Call 815-914-3557 now for a free service estimate.

Get the tree care your yard needs

Who do you turn to when you need help with your trees? Our tree company is locally owned, fully insured and bonded. Our owner is a trained arborist, and our team consists of tree care experts. You can trust us to handle any tree, limb or stump that's giving you trouble.

You shouldn't have to worry about hazardous trees on your property. Make an appointment for tree services in Rockford or Belvidere, IL today. You can ease your mind and improve your yard.